Charles E. Turnbow, P.E. offers a wide range of services to the legal and safety professions. For more than 5 decades he has been recognized as one of the leading authorities in premises liability actions with a specialized practice in slip and fall accidents. Safety Consultation

Evaluation, review and preparation of safety manuals and procedures

Expert Testimony

Courtroom testimony as a safety professional regarding issues of liability

Seminars and Training Programs

Pragmatic and practical approach to premises safety and litigation

Safety Consultation

Evaluation, review or preparation of safety manuals and procedures.

Special Services

  • Review of existing written safety procedures to determine if they meet current industry and government standards.
  • Writing of instructions and procedures in clear and easy to understand language. Assistance in the preparation of safety training programs and instructional aids.



More than 37 years experience in safety engineering including hazard recognition, exposure and loss reduction for commercial, government and private organizations.

National Recognition

Charles Turnbow is a nationally recognized expert in premises and industrial safety. He has been retained in more than 11,000 personal injury cases. He is the author of the most widely used treatise on premises safety, Slip and Fall Practice.

Professional Status

As a licensed Safety Engineer and Attorney, Charles Turnbow is a professional member of a number of safety and law oriented organizations.

Expert Testimony

Expert testimony as a safety professional regarding liability issues in state and federal courts.


Qualified as an expert more than 1100 times in state and federal courts since 1959 in both civil and criminal litigation..

Retained in approximately 9000 personal injury cases as a liability expert

Qualified in nearly every state in the union.

Active nationwide practice.


Case evaluation and review, field inspection and testing, assistance in discovery and trial presentation, highly experienced witness.

Case Evaluation and Review

Not every personal injury accident warrants litigation. Many otherwise meritorious cases fall short of the necessary elements of a prima face negligence action. One of the services provided by Charles Turnbow is a review of the known facts and circumstances surrounding an accident to determine if the necessary elements are present and what discovery procedures are necessary to establish the missing ones. When this is done early in the litigation process, cases without merit can be rejected and discovery efforts can be focused in establishing proof of negligence.

Accident Site Examination and Testing

In order to establish the existence of a hazard, determine building code compliance, or to evaluate the effectiveness of safety and maintenance programs, on site inspection is often necessary. Competent site inspections employ the use of state of the art scientific instruments such as laser transits, electronic levels, digital photometers and currently approved tribometers or coeffcient of friction measuring devices. Every measurement, instrument reading, calibration and calculation must be able to withstand attack in the court room. There is no room for archaic and inadequate equipment in the determination of this vital data. Turnbow uses only approved methods and the latest equipment modern technology offers.

Discovery Assistance and Trial Presentation

From his first case in 1959, Charles Turnbow has present clear and convincing testimony on a variety of scientific subjects. In the early years, the major focus was on chemical toxicity and product defects. As a safety officer at Oregon State University, Turnbow was called upon to investigate accidents, explosions and present testimony if the matter were litigated. Later as General Manager of an independent testing laboratory, he would conduct physical and chemical testing on products and materials to obtain admissible data. By the 1967, the major shift of cases involved more safety issues, such as pedestrian fall accidents, ladder failures, glass related injuries and personnel protection devices. From 1971 to the present, 80% of Turnbow’s case load deals with pedestrian fall accidents with the balance evenly divided between construction accidents, product defects and elements of human factors. His years as an attorney and nearly 58 years on the stand as an expert witness provides some insight into the evidentiary requirements for the successful prosecution or defense of a negligence personal injury action. He has developed deposition guidelines, interrogatories, requests for admissions and other discovery tools aimed specifically at discovering all of the relevant information about a case. On a case by case basis, as part of his retention, he offers a review of the discovery in each case to determine where additional lines of inquiry are needed and when supplemental responses are necessary.

Seminars and Training Programs

A series of programs designed to offer a pragmatic and practical approach to premises safety and litigation.


Each program is formatted to the specific needs of the sponsor. For example, the program for risk management personnel for retail stores includes extensive discussion of hazard identification, safety and maintenance programs, record keeping, training procedures, and liability reduction. The program for trial lawyers includes new trends in personal injury law, methods of discovery, presentation of evidence and trial techniques including developing jury instructions. Company safety personnel programs include OSHA and state occupational health requirements, record keeping, employee accident injury reduction programs.

Charles Turnbow draws on his decades of experience as both a lawyer, builder and safety engineer. Using the resources from his book, Slip and Fall Practice, and the reference material from his forthcoming books, Construction Accidents and Handicap and Elderly Personal Injury Litigation, modern regulatory and statutory requirements are thoroughly analyzed and discussed.