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We are in the process of supplementing Slip and Fall Practice, a 1986 book which as been revised or supplemented 28 times. The last supplement was in 2012. There have been many changes in the law and advancements in science since that time. The new supplement to be published by James Publishing, Inc. will address new case and statutory law, new technology in measuring slip resistance and other physical characteristics of the accident site, new techniques in evaluating recognition and perception of hazards and conditions as well as tips and guides in trial procedure.

James Publishing, Inc. describes Slip and Fall Practice as follows:

An Insider’s Guide to Maximizing Slip & Fall Settlements

Plaintiffs’ attorneys lose more than 40% of their slip and fall cases. Considering this statistic, it is no surprise that slip and fall cases are the most difficult to win. As a result, they are often shunned by plaintiffs’ counsel and undervalued by defendants and insurance carriers.

Failure to prove a causative link between the hazard and a negligent act of the defendant is the number one reason for the high number of losses in slip and fall cases. In this book, Charles Turnbow, attorney-engineering consultant on over 9,000 slip and fall cases, provides you with an organization system and the tools to efficiently develop persuasive slip and fall claims. He shows you how to prove the causation (and how to efficiently screen out cases lacking it) in his highly-respected tool book, Slip & Fall Practice.

The book is currently available in eBook format which is convenient and handy. The search engine is very helpful in quickly finding a full discussion of any of the topics in the 700+ page book.

Slip and Fall Practice can be purchased directly from the publisher, James Publishing, Inc. 

Elder Care and Abuse Litigation

In conjunction with my co-author, we are completing the manuscript of our new book dealing with Elder Care and Abuse Litigation in which we are addressing the application of statutory laws and codes, case law, standards of care, and general litigation issues such as pleading, written and oral discovery, motions to compel and other topic associated with this important area of the law and medicine.

There are still some audio recordings of my lectures on perception, human locomotion, retail store inspections and damages. Contact us for more information.